The new-wave of ethics consultancy.

Q. How do your values come alive?

We believe in the importance and potential of everyones values and the impact that can make.

  • Values lived visibly can change the world
  • Values become more impactful when they are lived visibly
  • Lived in values inspires others & strengthens your brand

Navigating complex issues, having confidence in what you’re actually doing, and feeling like it’s worthwhile can be difficult.

Let CogDis guide you to help your values come alive

You don’t need to be an activist to be active on your terms, everyones journey is unique.

We sit at the table as an ethical right hand, helping you build long lasting foundations for your brand and legacy.

What we can do together

Align & inject your values with your career

Give back to the communities that matter to you

Transcend your field 

Leave a legacy

How we do it

  • CogDis on call

  • Yearly strategy mapping

  • Partnerships

  • Energetic counsel/alignment